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Haykhong intervenes just in time to prevent Bedivere from walking into the wall. The Frillish is happy with the Slugma's offer for help and puts the cheeses on his back before they walk off to the soon-to-be kitchen, which causes Bedivere to ask if Haykhong or Rowan are in need of assistance.

"I appreciate the offer my friend, but there is no need for it." answers Haykhong in reply, "The blueprint for base is already made, the problem however is that the furniture and appliances have not arrived yet. I do expect them quite soon though. But if you're interested to know," Haykhong lowers his voice to a near-whispering level, "Rowan actually has some quite radical idea's about this hideout, I overheard a conversation between him and Behemoth about digging deeper into the mountain. I do not know however what the exact idea is, perhaps they plan to use more of the old mine, or maybe Rowan has newfound information about the content of the old shaft and did they discover a new ore vein"

Meanwhile, Coselle 'explains' her relationship with his Roggenrola, even telling him that Roggenrola actually has a name, Lalu, from a formation in rock she once saw in Ta Phraya. Rowan listens with great interest and an even greater confusion. However, he somehow knows that Coselle speaks the truth, how weird it might seem.

"I am not sure what I should think, but I like to think I am quite a good judge of character and I know you're telling the truth." Rowan looks at Coselle and how she holds his Roggenrola and with a smile on his face he says, "So, your name is Lalu, then that is how I will call you."

Roggenrola listened to what Coselle said too and is nothing less than ecstatic, "You still know my name! I haven't heard it in such a long time I almost forgot it myself!" And as Rowan says that she will remain the name her mother gave to her, her happiness only gets greater. "I love you mommy! And Rowan too! I'm so happy now I could jump around for ages!" And with that she escapes her mother's grip and starts jumping around till she bumps into Melittin.

"Mel!" she says happily, "I have my mommy back and my name too!" In her happiness she just doesn't know what to do and without thinking about what she does she kisses Mel, for as good as that goes for a rock without an actual mouth to kiss with, "Hi Mel, nice to meet you, I'm Lalu."

Back in the other room Rose and Chuck watch the movie Rose picked. Chuck admits he hasn't seen it yet, but Rose could hear he was interested in it. Rose smiles and cuddles up to her beloved as the movie plays. It might not be a really romantic movie to cuddle up by, but it doesn't matter to her. All that matters is that she's with Chuck, which she hopes will stay so for a long time to come. As her head rests against Chuck Rose closes her eyes, enjoying their precious time together.
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