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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
134: The Mareanie's attacks struck true, but they were utterly useless against Kai, who was well prepared. Coating herself in an aquatic ring, she refreshed herself to shed the toxins from her body, acidic droplets hitting the forest floor with a sizzle. The cultist shrieked in tantrum, watching as the Mareanie took another brutal slam from Kai's skull bash. Things were so close to being over, the poison-type breathing laboured.

“I'm done with this! I'm done!” The pink-haired heathen screeched, her patience hitting her limit as yours had. Things went from bad to worse, however, as you saw more cloaked figures emerge from the brush, beginning to advance in a semi-circle. Kai's back arched, fins bristled in anger and caution. Chatot began to caw with fear.
“Don't worry, sister. We're here now.” One of the others spoke, masculine voice deep and soft and huskily dangerous. “You did well, stalling our thieves here. But their foolishness has come to an end. Step back, we can all finish this together, for our Lord Kyogre's sake...”

Your stomach knotted. You were surrounded by weapon-wielding, Pokemon-training psychopaths who were inevitably going to kill you – and probably the bird – for what you had done. You had ran so fast, fought so hard and apparently for nothing. You stared death in the face, unsure of what to do, until a sudden movement made your heart lurch. Chatot cut through the air, knocking down the Mareanie in the process, and after landing upon its unconscious body it attacked in a way you hadn't thought possible of the little alarm Pokemon. A shattering boom of sound burst from its beak, strong enough to make the foliage around rustle as if swept by a powerful wind. The cultists screamed and growled, covering their ears. Some of them fell to the ground or doubled over. You clamped your hands over your own ears, although the wave hadn't been directed your way. Through the ringing, you could hear Chatot telling you to run from danger. Kai shot you with a weak sport of water and barked, then turned tail to flee, teeth tugging at the belt you had to guide you before the cultists could recover. Chatot was in tow.

Best get moving, if you've learned anything from your mistakes... But where will you go?

Great. More running. While attending school in Goldenrod, Tate had once walked past a young woman wearing a novelty T-shirt which had read, "Running late is my cardo." At the time it had been worth a chuckle. Now, forced to once again flee for liberty and life, Tate was inexplicably reminded of that shirt. Maybe it was the white-hot burn in the trainer's chest as the trainer broke into a run, underutilized cardiopulmonary system struggling. Once her idiot caregiver had been spurned on, Kai made a detour in an attempt to retrieve her fallen rock, before rushing after Tate and the Chatot.

The world was still mostly quiet except for the shrill ringing in Tate's ears as the trio powered forward on a wing and a prayer. If they could just reach the ocean, Tate thought, they would be okay. Kai had experience riding the ocean surf, and was strong enough to support Tate in a pinch. If they just reached the ocean, they could make a break for the greater archipelago, where a denser population meant more people to tackle the terrorists. Kai had more or less the same idea -- hitting the ocean and getting the hell out of dodge, anyway -- and was focusing all her energy in anticipation for the escape. The Blue Orb, though not exceptionally large, felt heavy in Tate's hand, knuckles white from their desperate grip.

This sucked, and was stupid. Tate had just wanted to watch some birds, or meet some natives, or explore the wild and untamed wilderness. Tate didn't want to deal with gross religious fanatics. Fuck this whole day, Tate thought. Fuck it right in its ear.


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