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Hyrem desperately tried to hold on to his beanbag hat as Wendy accelerated through the air, all the while dodging attacks from angst-filled male Salamence chasing a potential mate for themselves as well as the added bonus of dinner riding on the back of said potential mate. Out of ten initial wannabe suitors, only two had the stamina and the drive to stay on their tail and even catch up, flying alongside their quarry. Either one would be considered very suitable candidates for Wendy, and were she a wild Salamence she would have accepted one of them readily. However, one week had passed, and she had resisted the urges inside her to allow these dragons to take her someplace where they could fulfill their own urges; it was now time for a certain Druddigon to fulfill his end of their bargain, but first they had to escape these last attempts to court her favor.

As the males had reached Wendy, multiple attempts were made to seize some part of the trainer in their jaws and drag him away from Wendy, for they knew she would be more vulnerable without the human guiding her. Unfortunately for Hyrem, there wasn't much room, even on a large dragon's body, to maneuver around, but he could at least steer Wendy downward so their jaws snapped shut just above him, but he wasn't going to be able to dodge everything for long, so he had to think of something quick! "Wendy, Dragon Tail, quick!" he urgently shouted out the order, to which she whipped her long, blue tail across the face of one of the dragons which disoriented him and knocked him off course, leaving one Salamence still pursuing them. This one attempted a ranged attack, a Dragon Breath, which would incapacitate Wendy if it Paralyzed her, leaving her open to his advances. Wendy then looked out of the corner of her eye: the other Salamence had regained his focus and was on course, this time to intercept her as she was flying down. In an instant, she let her evasive instinct take over and twisted her body, the incoming Dragon Breath barely avoided, her passenger being slung with her and therefore also away from the attack. The other dragon, meanwhile, somehow was in exactly the wrong spot as he flew in that he soared right into the green breath weapon, his attention suddenly shifting toward the rival who attacked him, he wasn't going to let it slide at all and spewed his own Dragon Breath back at the other one. This drove both of them into a frenzy, and they were much more focused on attacking each other rather than the fleeing female they could have subdued for their desires...


His time with Pomona came with many surprises, he had no idea she was like that at all. And those vines...he was not prepared for them at all and how they were so...versatile. So...flexible. So...long. Sarkhan wasn't sure he could look at the adorable Ivysaur the same way again, not after being put through the wringer the way he was. Not that he didn't enjoy every single bit of it, but she was a completely different Pokemon than what she normally showed. Her Poison-type side was definitely brought out these past few days, that was for sure. In short...Sarkhan was thoroughly impressed with his first mate, and the egg they had created would hatch into something special, he just knew it!

A familiar draconic howl snapped him out of his thoughts as he lay on his back with Pomona on his belly. "Geez, it's already been a week?" he asked aloud. "Well, better get ready for her, I guess. You might have to take care of our egg on your own," he warned as he allowed for her to climb off him before he sat up just in time for the Salamence to barge through the doors while Hyrem was busy filing another round of paperwork for the two dragons to breed with each other, though Wendy wasn't waiting for him, of course.

"I'm here~ And I did it, Sarkie, I held everything off for a whooole week!"
"Okay, first off, don't call me Sarkie ever again," came the threat from the Druddigon. "Anyway, I knew you could do it, great job!" He added a thumbs up with his smile to show how proud he was.
"Thanks! So..." There was a small pause as her expression changed dramatically. "Now it's my turn...right, Sarkie~?"
"I told you not to call me that!!" he tried to roar, but it was more of a complaining tone than anything as his face started to turn a brighter red. "Especially not in front of her!" he added, pointing to the Ivysaur.
"But you promised!" Wendy complained back. "Now come on, are we gonna go through with it or what?"
"Sure, sure, just one question: do you want our kid to look like me or you when you were a kid?"
"You, of course! I want him or her to be big and strong right from the start! I can talk with the other boys about making a Bagon later...that is, of course, if you don't want to keep all the fun for yourself~" Wendy rumbled as she stretched out her neck so her face was right against his before she slowly licked his snout.
"Uh, yeah, maybe..." Sarkhan said nervously, and he made a mental note to himself to help with Ammon and Marik's training so they could evolve faster and become other options for the lustful Salamence.
"Well, come on already!" Wendy said, her patience quickly running thin as she grabbed his arm with her mouth and started tugging towards a large, cavelike entrance.
"Just gimme a moment!" said Sarkhan, lifting her jaws off of him before turning back toward Pomona. "Thanks for spending so much time with me, flower girl. I'm never gonna forget it." He then knelt down, lifted her head up with his finger, and brushed his tongue against the top of her head. What would have been a long, slow lick, however, was cut short as he felt a familiar set of jaws pull on his tail and he let out a, "Whu- oof!" as he was yanked to the ground on his belly, and the last Pomona would see of him for the next week or so was him smiling and waving farewell to her while his second mating partner dragged him into the cavern. It was going to be another tough week for Sarkhan.

{Picking up Sarkhan, my male Druddigon, and dropping him back off along with Wendy, my female Salamence (stats for both Pokemon below), and he'll keep the Old Spice Incense with him because we need more edgedergs in FB!}

Name: Sarkhan (Sark)
Species: Druddigon
Level: 64
Current Location: Hatchery, On standby in Cortoza
Ability: Mold Breaker (Moves are not affected by foe's abilities) *HIDDEN*
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpAtk, likes Spicy, hates Dry)
Held Item: Old Spice Incense
Bond: 50
Contest Stats: Beauty 60/Cool 60/Cute 60/Smart 60/Tough 60
Current Movepool: Leer, Scratch, Hone Claws, Bite, Scary Face, Dragon Rage, Slash, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Chip Away, Revenge, Night Slash, Dragon Tail, Rock Climb, Superpower, Outrage, (Crush Claw), (Feint Attack), (Fire Fang), (Glare), (Iron Tail), (Metal Claw), (Poison Tail), (Pursuit), (Snatch), (Sucker Punch), (Thunder Fang), {Surf}, {Focus Blast}, Crossfire (Custom), {Strength}, {Cut}, {Rock Tomb}, Firestream (Custom), {Dig}, {Earthquake}, Draco Meteor (Advanced), {Roar}, {Taunt}, {Power-Up Punch}, {Smack Down}, {Shadow Claw}
Moves to Tutor: Aqua Tail, Dragon Pulse, Fire Punch, Gunk Shot, Heat Wave, Iron Head, Shock Wave, Snore, Stealth Rock, Thunder Punch

Name: Wendy
Species: Salamence
Level: 55
Current Location: Black Bayou
Ability: Intimidate (lowers opponent(s) Atk when entering a battle)
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpAtk, likes Spicy, hates Dry)
Held Item: Rare Bone (can be cashed for 5000 coins)
Bond: 46
Contest Stats: Beauty 40/ Cool 40/ Cute 40/ Smart 40/ Tough 40
Current Movepool: Rage, Bite, Leer, Headbutt, Focus Energy, Ember, Protect, Dragon Breath, Crunch*, Dragon Claw*, Zen Headbutt, Scary Face, Flamethrower, Dragon Tail, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Fly, {Cut}, {Strength}, {Rock Smash}, (Dragon Rage), {Incinerate}, [Dragon Pulse], [Body Slam], (Thrash), {Rock Slide}, {Roar}, (Dragon Rush), {Aerial Ace}, Firestream (Custom), Blow-Back (Custom), (Twister), {Steel Wing}, Gummi Bomb (Custom), <Shadow End>
Moves to Learn: Double-Edge (Lv. 63)
After a second week in a row of being close to a female Pokemon while they explored each other's bodies, Sarkhan felt exhausted but satisfied that he had done his part. He did, however, appreciate the week he had to himself (he needed it from all the love biting Wendy did) while his two mating partners were busy doting over their respective eggs, though he would reaffirm the love he had for both of his ladies at least one brief moment each day. Maybe it sounds weird to any humans listening who have only one person as their partner for life, but for Pokemon things are a bit more flexible, and I've heard that some wild Pokemon have to be flexible so that they know for sure their genes have the best chance of surviving while it's a lot more optional for those of us born or caught into captivity. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that Sarkhan honestly did love both Pomona and Wendy and still does to this day.

As for Wendy? Overprotective of her egg, as expected, and Sarkhan was the only male she allowed near her and her egg...or Pomona and her egg, for that matter. Yup, you heard me, she kept vigil over both eggs as well as the same Ivysaur she considered "unworthy" for Sarkhan to breed with (even though Pomona probably could've taken care of herself). You see, once she was finished laying her egg and saw Pomona with hers, she started to feel a sort of kinship with her; they were both soon to be mothers, after all, and that alone caused Wendy to soften her heart towards the other female, a change that she couldn't really explain other than this: she had found someone to relate to and wanted to be friends with her, and she even apologized for the things she said about her.

As Hyrem arrived, he was surprised to find out that both eggs that Sarkhan had a hand in making were ready to hatch, and knowing Sarkhan had the special incense he knew both eggs would be the same species as him; hopefully the one he would end up with would prove no more difficult to raise than Sarkhan was, though considering the hatchling would have part of Wendy in it... Whenever he entered the hatching room Wendy would make it a point to grab him by the back of his shirt collar and stand him alongside Sarkhan and near the eggs, making sure he would watch them hatch, even though he didn't need such coercion in the first place.

{Time to hatch my new super dragon!}
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