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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Fizzy Bubbles Starter Pack:
x1 Backpack
x1 Pokedex
x1 Fishing Rod
x1 Berry Bag
x1 Pokeblock Case
x5 Pokeballs
x5 Rare Candies
x1 TM Return
$3000 Pokedollars
Picking these up and giving my Squirtle the ability Rain Dish and the EM Aqua Ring.

Spoiler: show

Bill stepped into the government office that he was told to by Nurse Joy in order to pick up these items to compensate for the loss of all of his items, Pokemon, and even access to most of his things. He hoped that this would be teh start of a turned around luck. He was determined to find the Arcane Realm once again and find his other Pokemon, now especially if it kills him.

Fizzy Bubbles


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