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Was checking Souji's Pixiv account again to see if he'd uploaded anything new. Then I noticed he had a Twitpic account listed in his Pixiv profile. So I clicked it to see if there was anything there worth reading or seeing ... and I discovered that he posts a ton of rough sketches there that, for whatever reason, he chooses not to upload to his Pixiv account. Below are some of the particularly nice ones I found, but you can shop around for yourself by clicking this link.

Spoiler: show

(While the game has been out for several months at this point, I guess I should warn, BW2 spoilers inside, so don't click if you still haven't beaten the game's Story Mode and you care about plot spoilers.)
Spoiler: show

You can even see his rough sketch of the Cynthia & Caitlin picture I shared a few weeks ago. Anyway, there's a lot of great stuff in there beyond what I included above -- pictures of champions, gym leaders, villains, you name it -- but like I encouraged, if you like what you see above, check out his Twitpic account yourself and shop around. Only a few of these works have Pixiv-account equivalents, but it's worth your time to double-check his Pixiv library of works because anything he has on Pixiv is much, much higher resolution than even the alleged "full size" versions of the pictures on Twitpic.
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