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Originally Posted by myahoo View Post
Gemini Spark: You manage to knock the Magcargo out, but you barely get a chance to celebrate before the vandal shows off a Mega Stone for his Houndoom! As a bright light coalesces around the Houndoom, Rengar Digs straight down, disappearing into the ground, as Vi picks up a good-sized Rock and heaves it in the Houndoom's direction. The bright light fades, revealing a Mega Houndoom, who flinches back as the rocks begin to enTomb it.

"Houndoom, Hyper Beam!" the vandal yells as Vi dashes forward, your Blaziken preparing her next attack. Unfortunately, the vandal's order catches her off guard, the Hyper Beam striking her directly in the chest. The attack sends her sliding backwards and when it cuts out, she falls to one knee, panting for breath. Thankfully, Rengar bursts out of the ground at that exact moment, slamming into the Mega Houndoom and bringing the Combat in Close to give Vi a chance to catch her breath.

"Oh, no, you don't," the vandal says darkly as Rengar finishes his blows. "Houndoom, Counter."

Rengar's eyes widen, but he doesn't get a chance to dodge before all the power he'd just slammed into the Mega Houndoom comes rebounding right back at him. Your Zangoose is thrown back towards your side of the field, hitting the ground and rolling to a stop not far from where you are. Still, he struggles to get back to his feet for several beats and then finally slumps to the ground.

Rengar is unable to battle.

"Hah! Take that!" the vandal yells from across the field, clearly not noticing Vi getting to her feet in a sudden Blaze of temper. Your Blaziken throws herself across the field, Uppercuting the Mega Houndoom into the Sky in revenge for putting Rengar out. The vandal and his Houndoom both yelp, one in surprise, the other in pain.

"What the--it's still up?!" The vandal shakes his head. "Well, we'll solve that shortly."

Both Mega Houndoom and Vi pant as they wait for their next set of orders, both looking worse for wear. Mega Houndoom winces in the bright sunlight, looking a little...sickly? You squint at it. Did Rengar actually manage to Poison it earlier or was this its Ability kicking in? Either way, the next round was sure to end this battle, one way or another.

How do you plan to finish this?

(Declared: Seviper, Druddigon, Eelektross, Blaziken, Zangoose)
One Fire Pokemon down, one to go! Unfortunately, now was the time this rich kid showed off his magic bling to power up his Houndoom, Mega Evolving it and making it much more dangerous to deal with! Still, without the Magcargo and its more widespread attacks making everything dangerous, Rengar was free to start Digging into the ground without fear of getting attacked. By the time Houndoom had finished Mega Evolving, there were already Rocks falling down on it, ready to bury and Entomb it, lowering its Speed while Vi went in for her second attack. "Houndoom, Hyper Beam!" Hyrem hears that just as Mega Houndoom unleashes a beam of light, striking Vi straight in the chest and cancelling her attack. Thankfully, Mega Houndoom had to catch its breath as well, but it wouldn't be long before Vi would get taken advantage of... Enter Rengar and his surprise attack, getting in Close to Mega Houndoom to Combat things his way, but the vandal was having none of it. "Oh, no, you don't. Houndoom, Counter."

"Oh no, Rengar, look out!" Hyrem warned, but it was too late. While Mega Houndoom took a very good amount of damage from the attack, it soon parried the last few strikes and returned the damage right back onto the Zangoose twofold, the lowered Defense and Special Defense from Rengar's earlier attack not helping things in the slightest. Sent flying and careening straight over to Hyrem, Rengar tried multiple times to get back up but was unsuccessful as consciousness faded from him. "Hah! Take that!" cheered the vandal while Hyrem called Rengar back into his Pokeball. "Crap, I didn't think Houndoom would be able to use Counter, we better be careful of that...Vi?" He suddenly saw his Blaziken rise up in a Blaze of fury before dashing to the opposite side of the field, her fist finding Mega Houndoom's cheek and sending it careening into the air with her Sky Uppercut, catching both it and the vandal off guard. "What the--it's still up?! Well, we'll solve that shortly..."

Both Pokemon seemed like they were on their last legs, but the Mega Evolution threatened to be too much for Hyrem and Vi! That was until Hyrem noticed Mega Houndoom was actively suffering...from being in the sunlight? "Wait...that's odd, what's going on with Mega Houndoom?" he asked himself as he consulted the Pokedex:

Mega Houndoom's internal heat is more intense than a regular Houndoom can handle, causing stress to its body. Its ability changes to Solar Power, allowing it to deal more damage with its special attacks while exposed to harsh sunlight, at the cost of some of its health the longer it stays exposed to such weather.

"What? That's such a risk!" he said out loud. Seems fitting that he uses this Mega so recklessly... wait, that also means it can't have Flash Fire as its ability either, meaning we can use Fire attacks on it! Maybe even... He looked toward one of the accessories he had on him, the Z-Ring. Vi did have a Firium Z-Crystal attuned to her, and a Z-Move would be just the thing to finish this battle! All he needed to do was...

A stray glance toward the Larvesta, Solaris, and he shook his head. No! he thought. Even if a Z-Move is gonna win the battle for sure, it would cause too much damage to the area. That wouldn't make me any better than the vandals Solaris wants me to stop! There's gotta be another way... "Okay Vi...let's see if we can finish this up! Sand Attack to distract it, then go into a combo: Low Sweep into a Seismic Toss! Watch for any attempts at Counter attacks, and we can win this!" Between the Fighting-type moves and the damage Mega Houndoom would be sustaining itself while the sunlight was active, Vi could definitely bring it down...if she stayed up through the powerful attacks coming her way, that is...

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