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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Gemini Spark has hatched a female lv.1 Tyrunt!
Tyrunt, the Royal Heir Pokemon. This Pokemon lived as if it owned the prehistoric world, and it throws a fit whenever something doesn't go their way, making it one of the more difficult Pokemon for modern trainers to raise properly. Scientists suspect that some characteristics of Tyrunt may have been lost when the species was initially restored from fossils, but its jaw strength is unquestioned: it can chew through metal, especially the material used for cars, and its inability to control this strength means that many playmates end up being seriously hurt by it biting too hard.

Once the Pokedex had finished explaining what the new hatchling was, Hyrem looked up to see the dinosaur's mouth, his falling over with a yelp causing him to narrowly avoid the Strong Jaws as they snapped right in front of his face, the rest of her body falling on top of him right as Sorano's newly evolved body looped around the back of his neck, lifting his head up to see the mother Dragonair and daughter Tyrunt...well, their snouts anyway. Both of their faces were right up next to his, and that was all he saw before the baby's jaws opened up again, this time to allow her tongue to slobber the trainer's face. "Bluh, at least you follow the pattern," he sputtered once he was given a chance to recover before he looked at the two Dragon-types' faces again. "Heh, anyway, you're one of the team now! I may not be the best kind of trainer for a Tyrunt, but that's just because I'm really good at spoiling my Pokemon rotten! So let's start doing that, Sorano...and you too, Gnash!" Both Pokemon squeaked and squealed in approval as the Tyrunt was carried out of the Hatchery in Hyrem's arms while Sorano tied her longer body around him so she could look over her new daughter, ready to be a mother for the first time.


Placing my T-rex princess in a Luxury Ball (1/4) and also picking up my newly evolved Dragonair! Thanks for the hatch!
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