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Read the episode titles and got excited!

Spoiler: show

10,000,000 Volts!

I had a feeling since the I Choose You! movie that Pikachu would eventually get it's "signature" move. It seemed out of place that such a move would only exist in the non-canon movies. This opens up an opportunity for Pikachu to ditch Electroball and finally get Volt Tackle back, which I feel will round out its stats:

Ability: Static
Quick Attack (Normal/Physical)
Iron Tail (Iron/Physical)
Volt Tackle (Electric/Physical)
Thunderbolt (Electric/Special)
10,000,000 Volts (Electric/Special/Z-Move)

You might wonder why dropping Electroball is bad. Well, 10,000,000 Volts is better in every way. It is a special move and has higher power than Pikachu's Gigavolt Havoc because both of those moves have to be based on either Electroball (160) or Thunderbolt (175). It also boosts critical hits so all of Pikachu's moves get better after use.

Iron Tail is needed for coverage and damage. Quick Attack is needed for speed and priority (in the anime, it's treated as a pseudo-Agility). Thunderbolt is the all-purpose special electric attack so Electroball isn't needed as much as Volt Tackle is.

Pretty cool stuff!
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