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So screenshots from episode 14 convinced me to watch this. Now this is canon, and it's absolutely adorable!

Sun and Moon is pretty enjoyable so far. I could blow small things out of proportion like everyone else and pretend this show is something else, but I would rather not. It's nothing super intense, but it's cute fun.

Team Rocket is actually bearable. So far, they haven't interrupted many episodes, and when they do, it's not that bad. They are actually kind of entertaining because of their companions this season. (minor spoilers)
Spoiler: show
I was disappointed that Mimikyu was part of their team, because being a part of Team Rocket often means being mindless cannon fodder, but thankfully Mimikyu has been more. Most moments Mimikyu is on the screen, it's fun to watch. The blasting off replaced by being kidnapped is also nice.

The animation is weird. It goes from awkward and bad to pretty nice with some good attention to detail. I think they try more when showcasing the Pokemon themselves.

I'm not sure how long I will keep watching, but I don't have any desire to put it down yet. Though this show isn't as full of empty promises as XY, so maybe I will stick with it.
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