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That's not quite right and sort of a feel-good way to go about it. In reality, both central dogmas have very strong merits and most people would agree with at least a few tenets of each. This is entirely separate from the Republican and Democratic parties, which don't fall exactly down left/right lines.

I could go on and on about the party system and the political lines drawn in the Congressional sand. I have a well-paged copy of the Federalist Papers with more ink in it than a tattoo convention. But I won't, because it is actually deadly boring and this is the Debate forum and not the Force-Fed Fun Facts Forum.

Everything in this post is highly simplified and does not draw from any sources or political theories beyond what I can scrape up from my memory. This thought is the reason I consider myself to be a highly centrist moderate rather than a liberal or conservative.

Conservatives care deeply about the laws that pass and making sure that they fit into established power structures and systems. While they do not hesitate to seek the destruction of structures and systems they don't like (Obamacare is a great example), they strongly dislike anything that upsets a perfectly comfortable and orderly existence. Conservatism is like a game of jenga - careful elimination of things that don't work combined with the addition of things that do elevates the entire country skyward, brick by brick.

On the other side of the coin, liberals care deeply about the systems and structures that the laws represent and ensuring that everything is accounted for. Liberals are concerned with fairness and equality, and are always seeking action and further growth for the country. While they do operate in systems and structures in the same way conservatives do, they don't care for stifling hierarchies acting in lockstep and are eager to tear down things they see as oppressive or corrupt. Liberalism is like a game of i don't fucking know i'm not gonna do a fucking game analogy for every political philosophy. it's like a painting, there. you put more paint on and cover shit up and then everything's all pretty and every part of it has a purpose.

If your Congress gets too conservative, nothing happens. If your Congress gets too liberal, chaos happens. Conservatives don't want anything to pass that doesn't get along with what they believe, and liberals are desperate to solve the problems they see in the world. You need a healthy blend of both to grease the wheels of your governing bodies and keep your country moving forward surely and steadily.

But Shuckle, you whine, why do modern conservatives believe XYZ? Because life is complicated and you're not 100% liberal in the same way as nobody likes ice cream 100%. It's physically impossible to reach a 100% level of ice cream enjoyment. Many people get into the high 80s as ice cream testers or producers, but it's just not realistic to assume that anyone has ever reached that level of devotion to a frozen dessert.

The thing is, people here on UPN consider liberalism to be adherence to a surprisingly limited set of core beliefs! A political philosophy is more than just a list of your opinions on civil rights, economics, and elected representatives - it's a baseline understanding of the world that underwrites everything you think about the ideal direction of the country.

Hopefully this helps you understand a little bit more about why the world is so fucking huge and complicated. :)))) Attempting to properly classify a realistic political classification system is a bit like going to your local animal shelter and attempting to guess the dog breeds and mixes based on the way they bark. It's even more complicated than personality research! Which is already really complicated, using 16 different categories based on 4 different sliding scales. Even the most complicated political models only use 3!

So in conclusion: this isn't an easy topic to discuss even without argument. Better to just figure out what you think and move on.
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