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Though things remained hectic in these early days following the election, things had begun to settle down at the Adoption Center, at least in a relative sense. Now only a couple dozen arrived in a given day, and the technicians and volunteers had time to sip water and take bathroom breaks between admissions, feedings, and cleanings. It was late in the evening, just before closing up, and the staff was ready to go home and soak in the bath before getting some well deserved rest, when two vehicles pulled up. There were a few audible groans, but everyone put on their brightest smiles -- come rain, sleet, or achy feet, we're here to serve Fizzytopia!

The larger of the two automobiles was a truck from the league, outfitted with built-in kennels, all of which were full. A man with ashy blonde hair stepped out, smelling of coffee; apparently, he'd had a long day too. The staff could relate, and they chatted a few minutes before the Pokémon were signed over. These, he said, were voluntarily signed over by political refuges migrating into Fizzytopia after the exchange in power. He and the staff had a solemn conversation about the political climate for a few more minutes, then the Pokémon were unloaded, and he was on his way.

After he left, a woman in a 90's-era sedan stepped out of her car, wearing a uniform from a highly recognizable chain pet store. She looked about as tired as everyone at the Adoption Center felt, and only looked more tired when she unloaded two cardboard boxes from the backseat. Issuing some apologies, she explained that there had been some abandonments at her store. The story wasn't uncommon; people who no longer wanted their pets often dumped them off at pet shops figuring they'd be taken in by someone. Opening one, it looked like someone had gotten bored of their Easter present. Opening the other, it looked like the hadn't anticipated how big their pet would get. Both were tales as old as time. The woman filled out the requisite forms, left a monetary donation, and was on her way.

Dropping off from the Reset Confirmation Thread:

Lv. 01 (M) Maractus
TM Secret Power
Lv. 23 (M) Horsea
TM Blizzard
TM Ice Beam
TM Secret Power
EM Aurora Beam
EM Octazooka
EM Signal Beam
EM Dragon Breath
EM Razor Wind
Lv. 05 (M) Foongus
No special moves.
Lv. 01 (M) Chinchou
No special moves.
Lv. 01 (F) Girafarig
No special moves.

Dropping off from elsewhere:

Lv. 01 (M) Torchic
No special moves.
Lv. 01 (M) Ekans
No special moves.
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