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- +.25 SP per 'mon for reffing each round within a week (hey this is the same as before!)
- An ADDITIONAL +.25 SP per 'mon for reffing each round within 96 hours, for a total of +.5 SP per 'mon (we appreciating those of you who are fast but not SONICTHEHEDGEGHOGFAST)
- Old +1 SP per 'mon bonus for reffing within 48 hours is being scrapped! Instead, reffing each round within 48 hours removes all the other fast reffing bonuses and gives you a flat 2x bonus to ALL SP EARNED. That's the base 'mon SP, doubles SP, Gym SP, and even special event SP bonuses, all DOUBLED. (NO SERIOUSLY WE LOVE YOU FAST REFS)

Explain this in terms of a match. Math is involved. Math dude. Math.
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