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Cyndaquil DQ Revamp Suggestion

Hi everyone, so something I've been mulling over for a while is how useless the concept of DQing has become. It's supposed to be a strong motivator to promote speedy ordering, but it doesn't seem to work for several reasons. While No DQ fell by the wayside many years ago, and the DQ range now sits between 24-96 hours, these limits are rarely if ever enforced. In fact, if you enforce the DQ time and it hasn't literally been weeks, you're seen as a jerk. Thus DQ has become entirely meaningless. Further, if you're in a gym match, DQing doesn't get you any closer to winning a badge.

This is important for getting matches moving, especially for special matches. Gym matches, tournament matches, and legend challenges are all notorious for being held up by one of the battlers. Gym matches in particular are a critical point, since badges are required to move up in the levels as are reffing gym matches. There are long queues for both gym matches and legend challenges and it's not fair to the people on those queues, either, and the Elite 4 will likely be the same.

Here is my suggestion. Change DQ times to anywhere from 3-10 days, and it would be adjusted to work like this: after the DQ time has passed, the opponent (or referee, maybe?) should bump the thread and message the battler. Then, after the DQ time passes again (so 2x the posted DQ time after it's the person's turn), DQ becomes automatic in the absence of a TA post. The other person may post for a free round, but the referee should be required to enforce the DQ time.

It's not perfect and I know it kind of goes against league culture but I think that it updates a rule that has become completely obsolete. What I think the biggest stumbling block is, is that it would require people to start doing things that in the current state of things would make you look like a jerk. But otherwise nothing is going to happen.

A final thing I wanted to bring up which is somewhat relevant to DQs (but I don't want to derail the more important points I brought up above with this point!!!!) is the concept of the free round. When it was initiated it was supposed to be for Pokemon that were close to being KOed. Now it seems that all of the rules for attacking go out the window and you can literally use any attack you want (eg Blast Burn x3), which would KO a Pokemon which may have more than its health left!! I do not think that the rules for reffing, such as those for energy usage and cooldown periods, should go out the window just because it's a free round.
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