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I meant to post a while back, but I almost felt like it was pointless, since I was basically pointing out how there were no real memorable openings or endings this seasons. Some of them were okay, but most of them were pretty blah. I guess I can point out some that somewhat stood out?

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei ED- Song-wise it's okay at best, but my god it's cute. The studio really knows how to milk Mashiro's cuteness. While I can't say I cared for it myself, a bunch of people are saying they really like the OP of this show.

Noragami's ending seemed like it'd be really good, being Supercell and all, but it ended up being so damn lackluster when the chorus started. I won't bother linking it.

Happiness Charge Precure ED- The song is one of those that will probably take some time for to warm up to. I'm already starting to. Where it really shines is the visuals. Good god it's gorgeous. The youtube video doesn't do it justice.
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