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Robin explained some more about what happened in Ryuu Town. The Z-Ring she'd used was one that had been once used to save the town from destruction, and the townspeople had kept it around in case of emergency. It also apparently looked different from Keith's Z-Ring, possessing a strange orange glow, and just putting it on gave Robin instant knowledge on how to use it. Moreover, as she used it, she saw pictures in her head. Lots of them, flashing by at high speeds, too fast for her to properly process most of them. But she did manage to get a proper look at two of them. She paused at this moment, glancing at Cayenne's Poké Ball, and blushing as if embarrassed. Keith said nothing, waiting patiently- he'd just kept her waiting for, like, a minute while he thought back to what she'd told him, after all.

Sure enough, Robin resumed speaking before long. The first image she saw in her head was of two people on a picnic on a bright and sunny day, and they both seemed very happy together. Indeed, just describing this, Keith noticed, was bringing a faint smile to Robin's face. And one of those people she saw was her. The way she was now, that is to say, which was not how she was at that time, Keith remembered. She made no effort to describe the other person, but stated that seeing how happy they were made her realize how unhappy she really was.

This got Keith thinking. Did this explain how unhappy Robin was when she showed up for Albus's party? It hadn't exactly gone unnoticed, and after the party, Helena had informed him that she'd been asked to try and find out what was bothering Robin by several concerned Pokémon.

"Well, it certainly sounds as though you're happy now," Keith said, with a small smile of his own. "But yeah- something was definitely different about that Z-Ring. I've had to learn the poses for the Z-Moves I use, and I've never had my Z-Ring show me visions. Sounds interesting, though. If one of the people you saw was in fact you, the way you are now... maybe it was a vision of the future," he suggested. "Do you know who the other person was?"


After a few moments, Hazel seemed to change his mind about explaining about his dislike for Ghost-types, instead asking Aster if they could just agree to disagree. "Uh... um... O-OK," the Shiny Mareanie reluctantly agreed. Much as she wanted to know the truth, she didn't want to force Hazel to talk about something he was clearly uncomfortable discussing. "Um... i-if you ch-change your mind, I... I'll be happy to- to listen to you," she added. "B-but only if y-you want to talk about it. I... I can agree t-to disagree," she smiled.


Tessa was happy to be invited to enjoy her own culinary creations, and even happier upon taking a bite of one of her sandwiches. Anion grinned at the Cosplay Pikachu's reaction. Once she'd finished her rather large mouthful of sandwich, the Minun spoke up. "Damn right," she agreed. "Sandwiches good." As though to drive home the point, Anion took another sizable bite of her sandwich, already eyeing up another one as she chewed.

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