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While the start of the battle hadn't exactly been going in their favor, Robin couldn't help but grin at just how quickly things had turned around. So long as Cayenne kept up the pressure, they had a good chance of winning!

But alas, things couldn't be quite that simple, for Keith seemed to have another trick up his sleeve. With a purple light emanating from the ring on the man's wrist, Keith began to strike several different poses, all while he began some sort of speech. Keith was preparing to use a Z-Move!
Though she didn't have the ability to perform one of her own at that moment, this definitely wasn't Robin's first experience with said technique. The result...was a move of devastating power, one that Cayenne couldn't hope to counter.

"Cayenne! Brace yourself!" Robin called out to the Fire type. While it definitely wasn't the smartest thing to do in the face of a Z-Move, Cayenne had no other options.

The Torchic seemed to realize this too, for he gave his trainer a quick nod, before closing his eyes in preparation for the oncoming attack.

A few moments later, and Keith called out for Eon to use the Z-Move Acid Downpour! But while Robin had seen a Z-Move or two during her time as a trainer, nothing prepared her for what was to happen next.

A poisonous energy began to swirl around Eon, eventually transforming the surrounding area into a large toxic swamp! Soon after purple clouds began to form above the Torchic, unleashing a heavily poisonous substance upon the Fire type, causing him to let out a shrill cry as the swamp and rain reacted together, sending wave after wave of pain throughout his body!

Once the attack had finally subsided, Cayenne was left panting rather heavily, though he still managed to keep his footing.

"Cayenne, are you ok?" Robin asked, though she already knew the answer. Just from watching the Torchic, she knew that he wouldn't be able to last much longer.

"I'm....fine...never..been better!" The Fire type insisted as a small orange glow began to surround him. It was now Cayenne's turn to least as best as a Torchic could. The chick Pokemon had a good reason to do so...for his Blaze ability had just kicked in!
Though the odds were stacked against him, Cayenne didn't intend to go down without a fight.

"A-alright then. Cayenne, use Ember, then go for a Scratch!"
"B-but..." Hazel began, trying his best to come up with a response to Aster. But try as he might, the Jolteon simply couldn't find the words. Anger, sadness, confusion...all sorts of emotions started to display on Hazel's face as he desperately tried to come up with something...anything he could use to prove Aster wrong.

" just don't get it, ok?!" Hazel exclaimed, finally finding the courage to speak his mind.

"If you're not going to listen to the truth....t-then just stop talking to me!" The Jolteon continued to shout as he swam to the pool's edge. It seemed as if Hazel was ready to leave at any moment.
"He's willing to eat anything?" Voltaire questioned, before dumping his pile of glass into the disposal bin. "Wow, sounds like one of my teammates. Well, almost. I doubt he'd eat any kind of garbage."

The Emolga then began to nod along as Anion started to explain some of her teammates taste in food. It seemed even Poison types had preferences when it came to what they ate.

"That's really cool." Voltaire smiled, once Anion had finished speaking. But while the topic did interest him slightly, Voltaire now had other things on his mind. With all the talk about eating, the Emolga couldn't help but remember what he and Anion had originally come to to the kitchen for.
"Say Tessa...I know you and Cayenne were planning to whip something up for everyone, so I was wondering....when do we get to try it?" Voltaire asked.

"Huh? Oh's all done." The Cosplay Pikachu smiled. "It should right upstairs. with everyone."

"Perfect." Voltaire said, grinning as he turned his attention to Anion.
"Well then....shall we?" The Emolga asked, gesturing to the warp panel nearby.
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