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Much like before, Eon had an answer To Cayenne's incoming attack, this time in the form of a Zen Headbutt!
Moving much too fast to change directions, all the Torchic could do was continue his descent towards Eon, the Eevee pup's head now glowing with psychic energy.

Upon reaching his destination, Cayenne let out a pained cry before tumbling backwards onto the clay floor. It seemed that Eon's attack had been strong enough to overpower the poor Torchic!
But Cayenne remained as determined as ever, and quickly sprang back up onto his feet. Now all he had to do was wait for his trainer's orders.

Robin meanwhile, watched on with a worried expression. It seemed whatever attack was thrown at Eon, the shiny Eevee managed to intercept it with little issue.
If they had any hopes of winning, they'd have to wait for an opening, the Electric type specialist realized. With this in mind, Robin simply waited. She could only hope that Cayenne would be able to take advantage of whatever orders Eon received next.
"More to him then I know?" Hazel repeated Aster's words with a rather skeptical look.

"I-I'm not so sure. I mean, he's a Ghost type. G-ghost type's are almost always evil." The Jolteon explained as he continued to stay afloat. "I-I wouldn't even trust this M-myrtle if I were you. She could just be waiting...waiting to hurt you or your teammates!"
"That sounds good to me." Voltaire smiled in response to Anion's suggestion. Despite this, the Emolga wasn't all too convinced that nothing had really happened.
After all, he had seen the pair of Electric types least, he was pretty sure. Though he knew better then to call Anion or Tessa out on it...the Emolga had to admit he was rather curious.

"Don't be afraid to say if anything is up though. I don't mind lending an ear." The sky squirrel Pokemon added, not having quite moved on from the idea.

"Umm...alright. But uhh...we should probably continue cleaning. Like umm..Anion said." Tessa replied, her focus soon returning to the scattered glass nearby.
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