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The battle was off to a strong start- not only did Water Pulse extinguish the Ember and even damage Cayenne as well, but Eon was able to land her Tackle attack as well!

Their next move, a Bounce attack. Keith watched, eyeing the Torchic as he sprang up into the air. "Alright, Eon, get ready!" Keith advised the Shiny Eevee. "Fight back with Zen Headbutt!"

"Vee!" nodded Eon. Her forehead started glowing as she readied the Psychic move, ready to have that collide with the Bounce attack as Cayenne descended.


Aster smiled back at Hazel's kind words, though thought back to what else the Jolteon had just said. "M-my Trainer knows a lot about Shuppet," she said. "He- he says that all Shuppet h-have a major grudge of some sort, fr-from their past lives, th-that got them to come back as Sh-Shuppet in the first place. And- and that s-sometimes Sh-Shuppet or B-Banette c-can appear mean on the outside, wh-while really having a g-good heart inside. One of m-my teammates is like that, kinda- Myrtle, sh-she's a Banette, and sh-she seems rude usually, b-but she's m-much nicer th-than she seems at first. A-and Keith says that sh-she's not the only one of her kind like that, either... m-maybe this Shuppet t-teammate of yours, m-maybe there's more to him th-than any of you know?" she suggested, sounding uncertain herself.


Soon after Anion's talk with Tessa, Voltaire was there behind them, asking if everything was OK. Tessa wheeled around, stating that nothing was wrong, before asking Anion to back her up on this. And the Minun nodded. "Yeah, everything's fine," smiled Anion. "Why don't we all finish cleaning this up, yeah?" she suggested.

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