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Confirming that Keith and Eon were following, Robin began to make her way down the first flight of stairs, and then the second.
During all this, Cayenne made sure to keep up with Eon, in order to continue their conversation.

"What? Really?" Cayenne questioned, looking somewhat disappointed as the Eevee pup explained just how one became shiny.
This didn't last for long though, for a moment later an idea sprang into the Fire type's mind, allowing him to forget his prior disappointment.

"Well I guess I'll have to find that spray then! I know it might take bit, but that's ok. It's not like I'm in too much of a rush anyway!" The Torchic exclaimed.

"Alright, we're here." Robin said a moment later as the group entered a rather expansive room. Directly facing them was a large battlefield, with several couches lining one of the walls.
On either side of the room was an elevated platform, where each trainer was supposed to stand.

"W-what do you think? Pretty cool?" Robin asked, turning to her friend for his opinion.
"I-I hope they'll be back soon as well." Hazel replied to Aster.

"They're all tough they should be ok. I-I still can't help but worry about them though..."
In response to Tessa's worries, Anion explained that she was hard to offend. Not only that, the Minun would have made it clear if she had been offended for whatever reason.
Anion then went on to ask why Tessa thought she might have been abandoned. If anyone had done that to the Cosplay Pikachu.

"Umm...not exactly." Tessa replied.

"It's just wouldn't exactly surprise me if someone umm...would do that sort of thing." The Electric type continued. "It's not like I wouldn't deserve it."
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