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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

1 x Zongzi – A sweet rice dumpling! Inside could be anything, from peanuts to taro to red bean paste and more. If fed to one of your Pokemon, it will learn an egg or tutor move!

1 x Net Ball – To capture one of those pesky water Pokemon desperate to eat the body or soul of a loved one!

1 x Luck Incense – Something to help purify your home and keep your Pokemon smelling good over this wonderful weekend.

1 x Hongbao – A red envelope with $500 inside! Remember to say thank you!

$250 and bond can't be collected on these posts. You're already being gifted enough, don't dishonour yourselves and the spirits by being ungrateful. And have fun!
CLaiming these since my mind is blanking on what to write. Ty~

Using the Zongzi to teach Custard the Togetic MT Heat Wave.

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