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The newest rumor is that the game is going to take place hundreds of years in the future and Pallet Town is a lost city underwater. -_- BAD TEENAGE FAN THEORY REEKS OF BAD TEENAGE FAN FICTION! The same claimant alleges that the new region is little more than one massive island, which -- after the backlash to the samey-ness of Alola's four islands -- I think is another massive red flag. But people are pointing to this curious line from USUM and saying that it is to Gens 7 and 8 what the backpacker and his mysterious idol was to Gens 6 and 7. So I guess we'll see. One thing's for certain -- if they ever did do a main series game set too far in the past or the future, the anime would either have to end or else go massively off the rails into made-for-TV territory. Can't very well have Ash be the lone survivor of a centuries-long timeskip. "Mom ... Professor Oak ... Mimey ... you mean they're all ... d-dead? "

FWIW, I wouldn't be against games that take us back to say Oak's youth or Red's adulthood. (See Sun and Moon for a bit o' the latter!) But it's the idea of a game that takes place centuries in the future that just seems sillily unlikely to happen. This isn't Breath of the Wild, teenage fanboys. No one's excited to see a Pokémon world where neither the sites nor the faces are recognizable and we're asked to celebrate that everyone we ever knew and loved is dead. This is the same fandom with such attachment issues that we can't decide whether we want a reboot of one generation or a second reboot of another.

In other news: if we do ever end up getting a Gen 4 remake at this point, what do you think they will do with Melissa/Fantina? Invented at a time where Pokémon regions had always been Japanese, Melissa hails from an English-speaking country in the Japanese and French versions but speaks French in other regions' versions. Now that we actually have a French region in the Pokémon world, will Fantina be rebranded as an English speaker in our games? Or will she be rebranded as a French speaker who hails from the Kalos region in theirs? Or ... will they simply perpetuate the schism, and have her keep speaking French in ours and English in theirs?
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