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Originally Posted by Son_of_Shadows View Post
Dopple, I'm going to say this once, and once only. And I assure you, I mean it with absolute sincerity.

Fuck off.

1. Be Civil! This shouldn't need any explanation. Avoid ad homenem and other forms of direct attack. This is a debate forums, not a place for your petty fights. In the midst of heated debates, it is easy to get caught up, and while we understand that it might happen every once in a while, try your best to avoid personal attacks. If it persists, you will be warned and may recieve a ban from the forum if it gets out of hand.
3. Respect. From this point forward, there will be a strict policy on hateful speech directed towards any group, minority or person. You will be given a warning and the offending statements will be deleted. If you continue to offend, you will be banned from the forum for a week. Repeat offenses may be subject to harsher punishments or forum-wide bans.
To say nothing of the fact that you are trivializing false accusations of rape and the problem this presents for real rape victims. If nothing else we are right to investigate this topic and hold a wholesome conversation just so the community can recognize that while it's important not to accuse all "Rape!" criers of lying that it's just as important to not lend them full credit either. A healthy dose of scrutiny is important in any criminal investigation.
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