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Re: Blastoise's ubar leetsauce trick room team (or fuck you Eeve

I don't really get why Dusknoir has Ice and Fire punch when Thunderpunch and Ice Punch provide much better coverage, especially against the big threats like Gyarados and Salamence.

An Anti-Starter Breloom could pose a problem against starting Bronzong, especially if your opponent knows you want to Trick Room or Stealth Rock first turn. While it can't land any Super Effective hits on it, 100% accurate sleep is massively annoying to anyone and easily gives the opposing team a free turn for anything.

Also, CSmence can easily eat more then 60% of your Bronzong HP at the start with Flamethrower. Fire Blast is 90% to 110%.

CBlax is also a problem. It's slower then almost everything (and thus, faster if you put up Trick Room) and depending on the moves, could hit your Pokemon for high end/super effective damage and can easily switch in on the CM Blissey or Vaporeon.

Also, small detail, but Bronzong can still hold 24 more EVs.
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