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Using Copygoo's first post. Long outline is long.

With a bound in your step, you march down the forest path with Clay in tow. The sound of foliage and snow crunching echoes your every step, the sprawling woods starts to become dense with frost, a chilling breeze through the canopy causing you and your Teddiursa to shiver profusely. Regardless, the pair of you forge on in search of a riveting mystery, a daring rescue, just anything that could bring excitement to this adventure.

Minutes pass as you find yourselves in a mildly open clearing, the temperature dropping somewhat as the cover of trees recedes. Taking a moment to relax for a bit, you hear the panicked steps of someone in the distance, a rucksack rustling as they emerge from the trees opposite your position.

Turns out that someone is a middle-aged man, snow-white stubble covering his chin, and eyes shut as he wheezes for a bit. Seems like he's been running for a while now, or just frantically searching for something. As you take a look at his attire, you find his overcoat and scarf covered in frost, while his large rucksack battered and covered in patches. You can't quite see his hair, whatever would usually be seen being covered by a thick wooly beanie.

Clay coos to you, calling you to action. Could this the mystery that you had been hoping for?

Spoiler: show
Primary Quest: Lost Care Package in the Forest
The man, Cecil, is a merchant from Goldenrod City who has lost a package of herbs, medicine and food in the forest. He recalls the woods around him becoming unusually more frigid than normal, before something attacked him and made him drop the package. Before he could retrieve it though, he was forced to flee when a tree branch fell and catapulted the package deeper into the woods. Begging Anja to help him, it's ultimately her choice whether she goes with this quest or not.

Frozen Fruit - Help Cherubi's family get better.
Hungry Hungry Cubchoo - The cub hungers.
The Bear Necessities - Try to negotiate with the Ursaring for the package.

1A. Primary Quest from Cecil accepted
If she accepts the quest, Cecil will begin accompanying Anja as support, beginning their search for the package. Somewhere during their search, they find themselves face-to-face with a Cherubi and its ill family (a pair of Cherrim and another Cherubi) who are suffering from the severe cold.

2A. Frozen Fruit sidequest started
If Anja chooses to help the Cherubi, with Cecil's help as well as her own actions (preferably an Aspear Berry but anything to bring warmth to them without fire should suffice), the family will be on the road to recovery. If she does a good job with helping the family, Cherubi will begin following Anja around to help her out with the search.

3. The Bear Necessities sidequest started
An encounter with an Ursaring which had found the package and was keeping it for itself. With further investigation, it too is found to be somewhat injured, having been wounded by some other Pokemon. It comes down to Anja's actions to see whether she can get the package back, but…

3A. Calmed Ursaring
In the best case scenario, Ursaring will return the package to Cecil, and Cherubi will reveal itself to have Heal Pulse, using it to heal the bear. Proceed to 3C1.

3B. Agitated Ursaring
Worst case scenario is needing to knocking the Lv. 30 Ursaring unconscious, the bear knowing Roar in addition to its usual moveset. The bear is injured though, and will be reluctant to fight, but regardless will be a difficult fight. The only branches that will continue from this are 3C2 and 3D.

3C1. Peaceful Conclusion
If Anja settled things peacefully and manages to learn how to convey her feelings of concern and sympathy during the entire quest, then Cherubi will offer to join her team without a fight, inspired by her growth.

Cherubi will be Level 6, Quiet, Female, with the egg moves Heal Pulse and Razor Leaf if befriended in this way.

3C2. Battle Conclusion
If the Cherubi finds her method of dealing with problems to be perhaps a little hostile, Cherubi may instead challenge Anja to a capture battle.

Cherubi will be Level 6, Rash, Female, with the egg moves Nature Power and Weather Ball if battled.

3D. Bearly Escaped
Being defeated by the Ursaring will mean a quest failure and being taken back to Azalea after Cecil coaxs the Ursaring to calm down himself and retrieve the package. Despite this failure, Cecil will give two Oran Berries and a Sitrus Berry for trying to get his package for him and leave.

Primary Quest End
Regardless of the outcome of 3C, Cecil will reward Anja with a Star Shard, two Pecha Berries, two Oran Berries, two Sitrus Berries and $2000 as thanks. Cherubi's family will also arrive at the end of the quest to give Anja one to two Star Shards as thanks for helping them, giving two if she did a really damn good job at helping them.

This will open up more quests from Cecil where Anja will investigate what attacked him in the Ilex Forest, among other quests.

2B. Frozen Fruit sidequest turned down
If she ignored the Cherubi, Anja, Clay and Cecil move on to search for the package, Cecil being reluctant to leave the Cherubi behind. After a fruitless search, the group eventually encounter the Cherubi again. This time, it seems to be fighting a Cubchoo over a Lum Berry.

4. Arguing Bears No Fruit
Now, Anja is given the choice of which one to help before they get hurt each other.

4A. Ally with Cherubi
If she sides with the Cherubi, the Cubchoo will flee. The quest will then continue along 2A (automatically accepts Frozen Fruits sidequest), but the sidequest reward for helping Cherubi's family will only be an Oran Berry instead of the Star Shards.

4B. Ally with Cubchoo, Hungry Hungry Cubchoo sidequest started
If she sides with the Cubchoo, the Cherubi will flee. Cubchoo will be hungry, and will start following Anja. If she feeds the Cubchoo, she'll then be prompted to help patch things up between Cubchoo and Cherubi. After this, the quest will continue on branch 3 (The Bear Necessities). Instead of befriending Cherubi, Anja will befriend Cubchoo and the bear cub will challenge Anja and Clay to a capture battle.

Cubchoo will be Level 6, Brave, Male, with the egg move Focus Punch.

Refusing to help either will result in disdain from Cecil before he gives them a Lum Berry from his pack so that they don't have to fight over it, but he will lose respect for Anja. Questioning whether he can trust Anja to continue searching with him, Cecil challenges her to a battle with his Lv. 10 Aipom, Hunter, aiming to have their stamina be brought to half. Hunter knows Mega Punch in addition to his usual moves.

Defeat means he'll take you back to Azalea to heal but it will be a mission failure. No reward.

5B. Hunter-Gathering
Victory will have him continue to accompany you, eventually finding the package in a tree, but it'll require the teamwork of both Hunter and Clay to get. After this, he'll give a Star Shard, two Pecha Berries, two Oran Berries and $1500 as thanks for helping him, and an apology. He will also use two Sitrus Berries to heal Hunter and Clay before moving on to Azalea. There will be no capture encounter on this route of the quest. Anja is free to move on to Goldenrod.

1B. Reject Primary Quest flag
If she refuses the quest, she leaves Cecil to search on his own before moving on to branch 2 with the initial Cherubi encounter. It will be more difficult due to Cecil not being around to assist.

On this route, the following are changed from the 1A route:
Alt 2A. Frozen Fruits sidequest started
If she helps Cherubi, after helping Cherubi's family, Cherubi will follow Anja around for a while. End reward from the Cherubi family will still be 1-2 Star Shards.

Alt 2B. Hungry Hungry Cubchoo sidequest started
If she ignores Cherubi, she eventually encounter the hungry Cubchoo. After feeding Cubchoo, the cub will tag along with Anja for a while.

Alt 3. The Bear Necessities
They'll pass by a cave where Ursaring and Cecil's package is. If Anja decides to investigate the cave, Ursaring won't be too happy with them intruding and will attack Anja, forcing Clay and whichever out of Cubchoo or Cherubi tagged along into action.

Alt 3A. A Fruitless Loss to Bear With
Being defeated by the Ursaring will have Anja run away back to Azalea, failing the quest (which was really more of a sidequest but hush.) Cubchoo/Cherubi will be injured, and it will be up to Anja to choose whether to take it with her to Azalea or not. If she chooses to bring the wounded Pokemon with her, she will befriend it.

If this was Cherubi, it will stop you a fair bit before you reach Azalea, revealing it knows Heal Pulse and Morning Sun, healing itself and Clay. It will then offer to join Anja's team.

Cherubi will be Level 6, Quiet, Female, with the egg moves Heal Pulse and Nature Power.

If this was Cubchoo, it will challenge Clay and Anja to a capture battle to test their will to fight.

Cubchoo will be Level 6, Brave, Male, with the egg moves Focus Punch and Ice Punch.

Alt 3B. Bearing Fruit
Victory against the Ursaring (goal here being to weaken it enough to have it give up) will have the bear surrender the package. Anja can either go back to Azalea to return the package to Cecil or keep the package for herself.

If she returns the package to Cecil anyway, he will thank her and give her two Star Shards and $1500.

If she keeps the package and its contents, she'll obtain two servings of Berry Juice, two Lum Berries and a Silk Scarf.

The difference between branches Alt 3A and Alt 3B is that the capture chances are switched around. Cherubi will challenge Anja to a capture battle, while Cubchoo will acknowledge their strength and offer to join Anja without a battle.

Cherubi will be Level 6, Rash, Female, with the egg moves Razor Leaf and Weather Ball.

Cubchoo will be Level 6, Brave, Male, with the egg moves Focus Punch and Ice Punch.

Anja is free to move on wherever she ends up, either Goldenrod or Azalea; Azalea if she returned the package or was defeated while with Cubchoo, Goldenrod otherwise.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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