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Butternut slumped to the floor, exhausted after the battle. It seemed as though the attacks he used against Apamin after she evolved somehow drained his energy even more. "Hmm," Keith murmured, consulting his Pokédex.

"Vespiquen's Ability- Pressure," droned the device. "Opponents who attack Vespiquen use up more energy than usual to do so."

By this point, Chroma withdrew Butternut, and remarked that she'd congratulate him on Apamin's evolution, were it not such a terrifying ordeal. "Heh, yeah," Keith nodded. "I had no idea Apa was gonna evolve in that battle. Made me really think, though," he added. "All this time I was thinking how to get Apa to work with me, I should've been thinking how to get me to work with her, y'know? I've been underestimating her capabilities, and that's really not like me- believe me, if you see my Weedle in action, you'll know why I generally don't underestimate seemingly weaker kinds of Pokémon," he stated.

"Yeah," nodded Anion. "What's yours powered by again? Infestation, right? That's more of a strategic move than something you use for raw power."

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