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While incinerate wasn't exactly the most powerful of moves, it should have still slowed Apamin enough to keep her from barreling through the flames as if they weren't there! In the end, however, it was merely momentum that pushed her forward- she ultimately crashed onto the dusty floor, unable to even claw her way forward anymore...

There was a collective sigh relief before Butternut slumped down onto the ground as well, utterly exhausted. 'How was it more tiring to attack 'er... after she evolved...?' He asked, as his jack-o-lantern seemingly blowing softly.

"That was pretty good work, Butternut!" Chroma congratulated as she recalled him into his Pumpkin Ball. "Rest up!" She turned her attention toward Keith and shook her head. "I'd congratulate you on her evolution, but... yikes, was that panic-inducing! Though, I guess you probably picked up on that when it happened,, huh?"

Bell answered Anion's questio with a laugh. 'Yep, that's precisely it! I've only seen him use it in practice, though I can tell that it's slightly stronger than my own!'

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