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The battle came down to this- Apamin's Slash vs. Butternut's Incinerate, the latter clearly hoping to capitalize on the distance between the combatants in order to allow the Pumpkasaur the necessary charging time. And indeed, that charging time was just what Butternut got. For all that improves about Combee upon evolution into Vespiquen, one aspect of the Beehive Pokémon will always end up worse than before evolution- namely, Speed. Vespiquen were one of those Pokémon that wound up slower than their pre-evolutions, and Apamin, formidable as she was, was no exception. The fireball struck the oncoming Vespiquen, who... pushed right through it?! Keith was amazed... for all of two seconds. The Incinerate, as it happened, was the straw that broke the Numel's back, and the last thing Apamin saw before losing consciousness was her own claws as she desperately took a swipe at the Pumpkasaur, nowhere near her full strength, considering she lost consciousness halfway through the Slash.

Keith sighed, though also smiled as he held out the Net Ball. "Apamin, return," he said, withdrawing the Vespiquen at long last. "Good battle, from both of you," he added to Chroma and Butternut. "And thank you, Butternut- that battle seemed to be just what Apa needed to evolve. I might have caught her recently, but she's always been pretty tough, I had a feeling this was coming soon."

"What do you mean, 'just' as Signal Be-" began Anion, before she realized what the Dewpider was getting at. "...Ohhhh," she nodded. "So Nadie's used Savage Spin-Out, too, huh?"

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