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Okay, before I get too carried away making either a Round Robin chart or a double-elimination bracket chart, I guess I should put this up to an actual vote. You have 24 hours from this posting to vote. At the end of 24 hours, registration for the tournament shall be closed, the votes shall be tallied, and the tournament structure shall be decided. I know which one I'd rather do, but since we have as many as nine people now, I guess it's only fair, given everyone's schedules, that I ask the group democratically which of two awesome goods they'd rather do:

Option A: the Round Robin Tournament
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Helpful Schematic: click here

How this would work: there would be n rounds, where n is the odd number of participants or the even number of participants minus one. (For example, with nine participants, we'd have nine rounds. With ten participants, we would also have nine rounds.) During each round, there would be n/2 battles rounded down (so four battles for nine people, five battles for ten people, etc). Any odd men out would have the bye that round (meaning they sit out and get a free win). Each round, you rotate around the "table" (hence the name of the format, Round Robin) and square off against somebody new. Whoever has racked up the most wins by the end of the tournament is declared the victor. In the unlikely event of a tie for 1st place, there would be a final face-off match.

Important differences from Option B below:
1. You would face every single person in the tournament.
2. You would only battle any one person once. (Note that this may or may not also be true for Option B.)
3. You would battle as many times as there are rounds minus one.
4. Your ultimate victory or defeat would not hinge on any one particular match-up.

Option B: the Double-Elimination Tournament
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Helpful Schematic: click here

How this would work: We would randomly seed an upper bracket (termed a winners' bracket) to determine who plays who in the first round of battles. Each round, you would participate in either a best 2 out of 3 match or else a single match (TBD by your votes should you choose Option B). Whoever the victor is at the end of each match moves on in the winners' bracket. Whoever the loser is at the end of each match is demoted to the losers' bracket where he must fight for survival against the other defeated players if he wants a second shot at the crown. In the end, the champion of the winners' bracket and the champion of the losers' bracket square off in a best 2 out of 3 competition for the crown.

Should Option B win this vote, and should you choose to vote for option B-1 in a later vote, you would be voting for the format in which every single match-up is a Best 2 out of 3 match. This would allow for a greater number of battles but would draw the tournament out significantly. It would probably take many weeks to complete. Should you instead choose to vote for option B-2 in a later vote, you would be voting for the format in which every single match-up except the championship battle is a Sudden Death match. This would allow for greater speed throughout the tournament but would also mean that many competitors fight as few as only two or three battles before being eliminated entirely.

Important differences from Option A above:
1. You would only face some of the people in the tournament.
2. (Depending on your votes) you would battle each person you fight multiple times before victory or defeat was declared.
3. (Depending on your votes) you are statistically unlikely to battle for very many rounds. In fact, over half of all contestants will be completely eliminated from the tournament after only three rounds, with one quarter eliminated after only two.
4. Your ultimate victory or defeat could very well hinge on one particular match-up.

Place your votes. With an odd number of people, the majority wins. With an even number of people, in the event of a tie I will be the tie-breaker vote. Otherwise, this'll be fairly democratic. Feel free to make appeals for your vote, but you won't be trying to persuade me this time but instead your fellow voters. If you should change your mind, simply edit the post in which you voted. No need to re-post. I will not tally votes at all until the deadline is met tomorrow.

One final thing to note: don't be alarmed that in both formats there are multiple battles which seemingly take place at the same time. For the sake of allowing the audience to watch as many battles as possible, but also for the sake of facilitating a speedy tournament, we can settle on how many battles take place at once later. This applies to both formats and should therefore not influence your vote as to which of the two formats is "better" from an audience perspective.
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