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Welcome aboard, SP-Eevee!

Okay, since we're just one sign-up away from 8, then, I'll go ahead and open the floor to suggestions about which Elite 4 to add. I'll make the ultimate decision, but your advice may sway me!

Spoiler: show
Option 1: go in reverse chronological order
The rationale behind this decision would be that the latest Elite 4 were among the hardest many trainers felt that they faced when playing through a main game's Story Mode. Not only that but these Elite 4 have the benefit of all of the newest moves and abilities, arguably lending them more of a fighting chance against the seven Champions.

Option 2: go in chronological order
The rationale here is that nostalgia matters. People care more about Lorelei than Grimsley. They care more about Agatha than Shauntal. And all because these were the people they played dozens of times over. Copy and paste for Gen 2's Elite 4. The argument starts to fall apart around Gen 3. (Poor, poor Sidney.)

Option 3: Start with Gen II, actually
The rationale for this option is that the Gen II gym leaders are the most recently up-to-date ones (barring Gen 5's) and with the most expansive teams. Only Gens 1, 2, and 4 have gotten post-Story Mode team changes, expanding their rosters significantly. Of these, Gen 2's is actually the newest, thanks to HGSS coming out after Platinum.

Option 4: Pick and Choose Based on Perceived Power Level
This would be the option to go with if we want to hand-pick Elite 4 people to add, one at a time as people sign up and create the need for more spots. So like, I think we could agree that a team like Karen's would be more competitively viable than a team like Sidney's; or that a team like Will's might have a better shot than a team like poor Glacia's.

Option 5: just add all five regions' worth of Elite Four members at the same time
Don't worry about the details, Talon! Just add all of them and we'll see who the dice rolls turn up for each of us.

Option 6: Other

I'm currently torn between Options 3 and 4, but you guys may have different opinions. So I welcome them, especially since, due to the chance nature of a dice roll, any one of us might end up getting an E4 member instead of a champion. Which is to say, this decision will very probably affect one or more of us, so it's only fair to at least entertain your thoughts on this matter before I make a decision.
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