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Voted early yesterday. Cynical regarding practical effect, but meh. Principal of the matter and all that.

I tried to do it on Thursday first. But the line was 1˝ grocery aisles long. 90%+ senior citizens. I had to be at work in an hour so that was a no-go. Returned the next day to a line 2/3 of one grocery aisle long. The wait was about seventy minutes between when I got in line and when I got to vote. Apparently it would have been half that time, but they lost one of two machines they were using, so they had to call the county office. By the time I got to vote, there were four or five machines in working order.

The day I voted, I would say it was 80% senior citizens, 10% people 40-60, and 10% people 39 and under. Pretty abysmal turnout of young voters. That stated, hopefully they either came already, will come later, or are planning to vote on Election Day proper. We'll see! ^^;;
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