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Round 4: Spin to Win

Connor recalls his fallen Steelix and wastes no time thing about his next Pokemon. "Kai." He tosses out a Poke Ball and from the red light emerges a rather menacing-looking Metagross. It would appear that Connor enjoys big scary monsters almost as much as he enjoys sheep. But just what kind of big scary monster is Kai? Let's take a look at this Species Characteristic and find out!

Metagross (Steel/Psychic): Large and bulky, Metagross now prefer to walk than to levitate. They can levitate but are slower than their pevious forms, with a lower flight ceiling. They are inorganic. Metagross are extremely intelligent and are more difficult to confuse or trick than normal.

And that's all she wrote.

Ardeur is unable to battle! Cele, please send out your next Pokemon and orders.

Kai is in perfect health, and is still fresh, for all she did was let it rip. She is also currently enjoying a Special Defense boost.
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