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Round 1: Hey Batter Batter

Connor and Cele square off in the subterranean arena, the former now appearing much more professional than before. How will Cele attempt to dismantle Connor's iron defenses? In a Pokemon choice I greatly approve of, Cele chooses to begin with a Blaziken named Ardeur. Damn French names... Whatever, still a solid choice. Connor ponders for a moment, then decides on Jormungand, the mythical beast of legend...or something. Whatever the reference, it's a big scary Steelix. How will this opening matchup turn out? Let's take a look at their Species Characteristics and find out!

Blaziken (Fire/Fighting): Blaziken are exceptional jumpers and can leap up to three times their head height. Kicking attacks will do slightly more damage then normal. Blaziken have flames on their wrists and can control whether their flames are ignited at any one time. However, they cannot use any fire attacks if their fire is not ignited. Igniting does not count as a move, and happens automatically when the Pokémon is ordered a fire attack. However, de-igniting counts as a move and they will automatically de-ignite if they fall asleep. Their flames can be used to burn foes if there is prolonged contact and can provide illumination. They are also familiar with the Flying type. As starter Pokémon, their Fire-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health.
Steelix: Steelix are large Pokémon and are able to burrow through hard materials such as concrete with their Dig attack easily. They are also more resistant to extreme pressures and heat, though they take the usual damage from Fire moves. They can see in the dark. They have higher physical defence compared to other Steel-types. They are also familiar with the Rock type.
Here we go. Britain vs. Azerbaijan Canada France. Let's fight this war like it's 1754.

I was gonna go write some fancy descriptive intro but it looks like Jormungand ain't got time for that. He's lashing out at Ardeur right away like he's Barry Bonds without a need for the roids. His tail is coming at Ardeur with the force of an Earthquake. But Ardeur seems to have just as little regard for baseball as a sport as I do, instead choosing to channel his inner Bruce Lee with a flying kung fu kick. Which is really called High Jump Kick but that's so much less cool. Ardeur, quite the agile fighter, manages to clear the massive hurdle that Jormungand's tail created. He keeps going until he slams right into the Steelix with his outstretched foot. Jormungand lets out a roar from the impact, a bit miffed that his attack missed. Surely, this one won't though, because Jormungand is charging full speed ahead now. Ardeur is this time plowed by his foe's enormous size, the DC Earthquake dealing quite the damage and sending him flying backwards. Ardeur, however, looks to make use of the distance. He gets up quickly and fires off an MC Focus Blast, the quick burst of Fighting energy striking Jormungand for a clean hit, his hardened exterior offering no added protection against the special attack. Jormungand looks to be taking a beating so far, but we're only getting started here.

Jormungand has already fallen into his second third of health, opening up a lead for Ardeur. In terms of energy, they're neck and neck, both being fine for two.
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