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With his orders having been issued, Orlando watches on as his Pokemon begin their work. Shuffling towards the target practice rings, Lily looks towards Celene, and the Gym Trainer gives the young Pikachu an encouraging nod. Grinning, Lily begins to gather her energies, blue sparks pouring from her reddened cheeks. As her body becomes consumed by the flickering lights, she cries into the air, sending numerous bolts shooting outwards. Bounding through the air, the bolts singe some of the rings, though most are left awry. Not off put by her slight lack of control, Lily repeats the move, this time watching on as the majority of the bolts slam into the inner sections of the training structures. With a cheer, she turns to watching Max, who is gingerly approaching the training dummies ...

His ears twitching, Max finally decides to begin, cloaking his stubby tail and the jutting spikes of his body in a shining aura of steeled, grey energies. Rushing forwards, he leaps into the air, performing an awkward somersault and landing a glancing blow on the left shoulder of the training dummy. Not wanting to be discouraged, he quickly turns, rushing the dummy with a horn aglow with dull blue energies. A small nick is put into the intricate clay work, but the damage is minimal, and Max seems overjoyed as he continues his assault, facing the dummy and gathering blackened energies around his left paw. Staying true to the function of the moves, he darts left, looking to strike with the limb, before transferring the energies, pirouetting and crashing his right paw into the body of the dummy. Watching on, Celene cheers, clearly impressed with the work the young Nidoran was putting in.

With a grin, Lily resolves to not be bested by her newest friend, turning back towards her practice rings. Spreading her arms wide, she begins to turn to her hidden potential, unlocking her latent energies and becoming basked in a soft green illumination. Small spheres begin to condense from the surrounding cloak, thrumming into the air and orbiting her body slowly. With her concentration raised to it's peak, Lily sharply cries out into the air, swinging her tail through the air as she does so. Each of the orbs obeys her will absolutely, shooting through the air and hammering into the wooden rings with loud thunks. Bursting in impact, the orbs rupture into a dazzling shower of energy, and having completed their training, both Pokemon begin to shine with a virulent blue energy, seemingly becoming empowered as a consequence. Celene looks taken aback for a moment, before bending down to stroke Lily as a congratulations. With their basic training over, Celen turns back to Orlando.

"Well, it looks like they have the basic points down. Lily is still developing her accuracy, but you can tell the potential is there, while Max has the raw power but is a little shaky on accuracy. How about we mix things up a little? Have Lily spar with the dummies for a short while, with Max taking on the rings? Take them out of their comfort zone a little. There's no guarantee that they'll be left to their strengths in battle."

Lily has grown to Level 7!
Max has grown to Level 7!
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