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Her smile ever abating,Cele seems to brush the flirting off - that or she simply didn't pick up on it. At least, she gives no indication of having picked up on it, her expression not changing in the slightest. Turning, she looks back to motion to Orlando.

"Come on then, this way. I'll show you to our training facilities. Sadly Nando isn't about to give you any hands on experience, but I'm sure I'm more than capable."

As Orlando follows, Celene leads him into a rather expansive room, with numerous training dummies spotted around the area. Each of them seems to be rather exquisitively formed, not unlike the suclptures displayed in the main room. With a chuckle, Celene explains.

"Nando likes all of his Gym Trainers to have some sort of artistic outlet. In fact, I'm one of the people who helped design and create most of these training dummies. They're not quite on the level of Nando's work - they're his in the main lobby - but I'm rather proud all the same."

With that, she beckons for Orlando to follow her to the far end of the room, where numerous target practice rings are suspended in mid air. Next to the rings are a few smaller dummies, clearly suited for a more hands on approach.

"Now, from what I can tell, you have a Pikachu and a Nidoran. For Pikachu, I'd like you to have her use her ranged attacks against these practice rings. It shouldn't be anything too hard, and Pokemon of her type are naturally more comfortable utilising their special based attacks, so this will help her get used to the taxation of them. As for this little guy -"

Celene bends down to begin scratching Max behind the ear, her grin becoming more childike as she does.

"He'll become something a little more physical when he eventually evolves. So I'll have him attack these dummies here. He can do it however he likes, but I would suggest he try focus on the physicality of it. Don't worry about breaking them, they're sturdier than they might look."
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