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Paul remains dejected as Orlando responds, drawing his hands through his hair and heaving a hefty sigh.

"Yeah. I suppose they do deserve to know. Closure would be good, if painful."

Dropping his arms to his side, he shakes his head, looking back towards Orlando.

"Still. Nothing to be done by moping about. We all go through painful times. They ... make us stronger. Or something."

With that he claps Orlando on the shoulder, forcing a small grin as the young man tells him to keep an eye out for the beast.

"Yeah. Yeah we'll be hanging around here for a good while. Figure we might as well throw our lot in with the Viridian committee, do what we can. Little things, right? Viridian is on that way."

Turning, Paul pauses briefly to motion north from their current position, before continuing.

"And don't worry on the beast front. If we see that fucker again, we'll be sure to be leggin' it. We'll have Bullet remain on high alert, Pokemon have ... funny senses, an' all. Be seeing you round, kid."

With that, Paul signals to Lock, walking off south towards Pallet, evidently looking to try and help curb the advance of the marshlands which had formed there, leaving Orlando to his own.
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