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"A-ah..." Orlando mumbles, a grim look of realization crossing his face, "Well, I guess someone should probably deliver the... er," Orlando struggled for a second to find the words for it, "bad news. At least give them an opportunity to mourn their daughter."

Orlando was never really the best at facing this kind of thing. He had dealt with plenty of death in his short time, but it never got easier. Especially having to tell anyone about the death of their loved ones. His thoughts flashed back ten years for a brief moment, remembering the fretting face of his younger sister Rosa when he was forced to tell her that their parents were never coming back. He ached a bit at the possibility of having to do that again, facing the tears and grief that he would have to deliver.

"That gives me an excuse to make a beeline Viridian, then, if you can point me in the right direction. I'm assuming you two are gonna stay in these parts a while longer? I hope our paths cross again sometime - and keep an eye out for that beast, yeah?"
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