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Upon being asked if she wishes to accompany the group on their journey, the small Pikachu looks upwards towards Orlando, making eye contact before grinning widely. Getting excited, she begins to eject small sparks over the surface of her body, her natural abilities evidently beginning to run a little wild as her mood improves. When she is presented with the Poke Ball meant to house her, she happily slaps her paw into the orb, watching on as the two halves widen and an onrush of crimson energy engulfs her form. Watching on, Orlando witnesses the ball shake once, twice, three times, before finally settling and making the trademark thunk.

Congratulations! You've captured a Naive Level 5 Female Pikachu!

Quickly releasing herself from her Poke Ball, the small Pikachu begins to run rings around Orlando's legs, evidently pleased with her new trainer. As she comes to a stop before the young man, she abruptly begins to glow with a soft golden colour, the remainder of her wounds slowly managing to heal themselves. As the soft glow fades, she looks up towards Orlando, clearly trying to gauge his reaction to her special technique.

It would appear this rather special Pikachu also knows how to use the move Wish!
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