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Quagsire (F) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Unaware
Happiness: 0
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Sassy Nature
- Bulldoze
- Acid Spray
- Aqua Tail
- Counter

This Pokemon is intended to "check" Geomancy Xerneas, which is otherwise nearly unstoppable. At +2, Thunder will OHKO everything except Kyogre (and Swampert), who is also heavily invested in special defense. So Water/Ground is essential to neutralize Thunder and force Xerneas to use Moonblast. None of other possible viable Water Pokemon - Azumarill, Palkia, Seismitoad - can face it. While some Pokemon need a 2HKO from Moonblast, since Xerneas is so fast, it will always get three attacks in.

So with this setup, Xerneas cannot 2HKO Quagsire on a free switch, unless Xerneas is packing Grass Knot, Giga Drain or Horn Leech (which it shouldn't). This gives Quagsire the opportunity to do chip damage and get Xerneas into KO range with priority.

Bulldoze is STAB, does chip and more importantly lowers Xerneas' speed so any of my normal Pokemon will be able to take it on. Aqua Tail is used in the rain because Waterfall's flinch chance is worthless with Quagsire's low speed.

With the Assault Vest, this set 100% bluffs the Unaware Physical Wall so Pokemon like Yveltal will waste turns using Taunt. High HP is necessary to maximize the power of Counter, which can be used with Assault Vest, which helps mitigate the loss of walling power against physical threats.

I gave Quagsire 0 Happiness because its purpose every battle is to die.

"Checks": Marshadow and Yveltal. Both can carry leeching moves, and Quagsire can't reliably inflict status using Assault Vest or recover HP. Marshadow is immune to Counter. The best Quagsire can do is Acid Spray and perhaps force a switch if I still have Greninja or Kyogre.
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