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This is one of my better matchups, since Primal Kyogre, Ho-Oh, and Necrozma-DM are usually good opponents for me. But I made some mistakes:

-expected Thunder, got hit with Water Spout = dead Swampert
-forgot the opponent had Arceus-Ground (I thought it was Extreme Killer) so I didn't Hydro Vortex Ho-Oh which was almost fatal

I've been mauled by Primal Groudon running Solar Beam, but that's a meme set. I think if I were to rank Pokemon by how threatening they are:

Marshadow (very strong, fast)
Yveltal (unpredictable)
Arceus (strong, fast)

Xerneas is pretty predictable so now that I've adapted to it. But I wouldn't call it easy to beat at all.
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