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Here is a pretty typical Ubers fight by players who mostly know what they're doing. (Not sure why the one guy refused to use Sleep Talk on either his RestTalk Kyogre or his Rest??? Giratina except for that very final opportunity, but whatever.) This is not the playground for a UU & Friends mono-Water team. One UU or OU Pokémon, fine. A Cloyster here, a Ditto there. But the rest has to be fleshed out with the big bruiser legendaries who can dish a beating and take a beating. Otherwise, you're just going to take the beatings and lose.

If you really want to have fun with a monotype team, I'd strongly encourage you to reconsider clutching to Kyogre as you have been and to just hop over from Ubers to Monotype. Your team would be much happier in Monotype. Here is the Gen 7 Monotype ruleset. All you stand to lose are Kyogre, Ash-Greninja (you can keap Protean Greninja instead), and Damp Rock.

Rain is a very strong theme team, so much so that it has been a major presence in both OU and VGC over the last few generations.
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