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I wholeheartedly dislike the idea of giving out free Pokemon based on coins for the reasons Deo stated. We're trying to make RP the main method of getting Pokemon, right? Even without the nonsense of almost everyone in FB getting a free mon out of this, we already have had a huge influx of Pokemon lately between the egg hunt and the AC, and we really don't need any more of that imo.

At risk of making people grumpy I'm gonna advocate for either option 2 or option 1, though Sneaze's idea also seems fine. Frankly if we don't "owe" anything to the newer members (note despite me being one of the newest members I do not have a horse in this race as I have no coins so there's no bias here) because of a bullshit system old members got to abuse, we don't "owe" anything to the older members because of a bullshit system they got to abuse. Option 3 would just make the problem we have with getting large sums of Pokemon from outside of zones even worse, and Option 4 basically just rewards people for the luck-of-the-draw system they spent years abusing without really taking game balance into consideration. You're either gonna have people who have tens of thousands of coins swimming in prizes, or else you're gonna have people who have significant sums of coins (1K+) screwed over because the prices are set to make sure the people with ridiculous sums don't break the game. Options 1 and 2 both avoid these issues, as does Sneaze's option.

No matter what though, I have to voice my distaste at the concept of people nabbing Pokemon out of this shitty, shitty system. Not gonna bother regurgitating Deo's words, but restricting any option to items and only items seems to me by far the best option.

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