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I'm not a fan of option 3, or even 2 for that matter. My reasoning is basically due to me believing that we don't owe new members anything just because they weren't around when the system was in a more abusable state. Take the idea to the extreme and you could argue compensating everyone who missed out on everything ever. I think it's self-evident why that hyperbole would be a terrible idea, and I believe it sufficiently illustrates the point I'm trying to make in regards to those options. We played a different kind of FB back then and it has been put behind us. No need to apologize.

Personally, I'd rather go with option 4, as it is the option that fully acknowledges those who stuck the longest, regardless of whoever thinks of it as "dirty" money, though if that route is too offensive for the newer members then I've no qualms with going for a full coin wipe either, which would put everyone, old and new alike, on a more even ground without having to give away unnecessary rewards.

(Now watch me become a hypocrite and reap full benefits of options 2 and 3 if either gets selected.)

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