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Omanyte Removing Coins from FB

After reviewing the Economy Revamp thread and listening to community opinions over the past month or so, it seems inevitable that the removal of coins as a system of currency should be the next step for us. The disparity between rich and poor, often the result of pure luck rather than effort (and due to lack of capping reward amounts in the early days of its inception - which older members got to benefit from while newer ones had to cope with lower payouts), is something the community wants to move away from. We may go coinless, or the whispers of a token currency in Discord may materialize to a more merit-based reward system for luxury items; either way, the old currency has got to go.

How we move away from this is another matter, and I wanted to make a specific thread for this so that those not following the Economy Revamp thread can get up to speed, review the ideas proposed, and we can have a final weigh-in as we work out this important step in FB's development.

To provide a basic run-down of the possible ways we will go about this proposed coin wipe, here's a list with links to relevant posts:

1) PURE RESET: All balances are reset, and no reimbursement is given.

2) LIMITED/SHARED REIMBURSEMENT: A "clearance sale" allows members a final opportunity to spend their coins before the wipe, with a maximum spending limit. Overages are donated to members who do not hit the maximum so that they can afford what they want. Leftovers are converted and possibly distributed in some form of contest.

3) SINGLE POKEMON/PACKAGE REIMBURSEMENT: Everyone with a coin balance above 0 gets to pick ONE Pokemon that was on offer at the CFP. Those who do not want a Pokemon get a prize pack made up of CfP items. Balances are then wiped.

4) FULL REIMBURSEMENT: Members are allowed to spend the full amount of currency they have obtained in the CfP for a final "clearance sale". No limits are placed on spending. (This idea was discussed more in Discord than the thread, so I don't have a lot to link to for this idea - but this is the basic gist).

Some hybrid of these methods, or a potential new method, could be discussed as well.

ADDITIONALLY, if a full or partial reimbursement is decided upon (particularly a full one), we need to decide whether those who spent their money on Secret Bases or TCG (the former of which has been recently declared as fully Free RP, while the latter does not have strong support for returning at this time) will be allowed to receive refunds for their purchases and use those refunds in the clearance sale.

This is something we would like to move forward on as soon as possible, so your thoughts and feedback are, as always, very much appreciated!

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