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Ball Fetch is going to recover Pokeballs that miss...

As for the looks. I think a lot of the Pokemon look really derivative, and would not be bad if we didn't know better that they pull design elements from older Pokemon.

Drednaw's face looks like Volcanion.
Alcremie looks like Lilligant (shape, posture, feminine-theme)
Duraludon looks like Galarian Gigalith

Arguing good/bad designs is always an exercise in futility, but derivation is much easier to prove. I think expy designs are much worse than blatantly reusing old Pokemon like Alolan forms.

More troubling is the game philosophy. Say what you will about raid battles - stealing ideas from Go makes the main series better. Sun/Moon did the same to YO-KAI WATCH and I think that worked out well for GameFreak.

What we know about the gameplay, with two gimmicks, a Pokemon XY-style story focus and a somehow even more impotent regional team than Team Skull, reflects a very cynical, patronizing view toward the player. But I think the horrific part is this is what modern players want.

According to my sister, high schools cannot fail students anymore. The teacher is more likely to get fired over flunking a student than a student actually failing. Students get auto B's since the goal is to push people through a system, as if they were feces progressing through an intestine, destined to be flushed out by society. So this structure breeds the immediate, continuous rewards expectation that made mobile gaming popular.

So I feel like GameFreak is making a game for such people, one that makes the player feel even more Mary Sueish than prior installments where the player literally saved the world and was the most important person in the region's history.


But hey, at least the anime's good, eh?
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