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Outwardly, Robin seemed happy to meet the various Pokémon Keith sent out. But inwardly, as Luna knew full well, it was a whole other swarm of Yanma. The Swoobat picked up on Robin's thoughts loud and clear, both the ones intended for her and the ones not so much intended for her. Up to and including the part where she called Luna stupid, though Luna knew better than to take personal offense there- Robin very clearly did not want Keith to know who she really was.

Why not? Luna's voice sounded in Robin's head once more, as the Swoobat tilted her own head. Do you think Keith would be anything other than happy to see you again and relieved that you're OK? There is no reaction he would have to the truth that you have any need to fear, she stated simply.

"Yeah," Keith nodded in response to Robin's words, unaware of the telepathic conversation between her and Luna. "My Pokémon are a very varied bunch. Some of them really have unique stories, too. One of my Banette, for example- for a while she refused to tell me what she was in life, because, well, she was a Missingno., and she grew up knowing nothing but hatred from people who feared and loathed the species. What she didn't know, though, was that not only do I actually really like Missingno., and always wanted to catch one, she had in fact saved me from drowning when I was seven. Eventually, she worked up the courage to tell me the truth, and far from the reaction she feared, it only made us even better friends," he smiled.

Jack turned back into his gelatinous form, grinning. "Good to see you again, too," he stated. "Luna told me Hayai evolved too, is he around?" He glanced around, before addressing the Jolteon once more. "For that matter, where's Jake?" he added. "I mean, if you're here, Jake's gotta be, right? And Keith says Jake's been missing for months, I was supposed to be helping him find him today..."

Voltaire sighed, and finally gave in, leading Meowth out of the kitchen, promising some answers. "Finally," Meowth muttered with a grin, before following Voltaire, happy he was finally gonna get some actual answers.

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