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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
If I told you Twilight Princess takes place 100 years after Ocarina of Time the Gerudo connection is a lot more clear. Why couldn't the Hero's Shade pass down his techniques to the next generation? If he needed a male heir to take up swordsmanship, his descendants being Gerudo (and so all female) meant that he would have to wait 100 years before a male Gerudo would be born. In most Zelda timelines where Ganon dies, this usually involves Ganondorf being reborn to the Gerudo tribe, but since Ganondorf is still alive, merely sealed in the Child Timeline, a new male Gerudo could be spawned. How ironic that this time, it's Link, Ganon's eternal nemesis.
Ehh this gets into a gender bias I'm not keen on, since female Gerudo are shown to be every bit as talented sword-wielders and I see no reason why OoT Link couldn't pass down his techniques to a daughter/female descendant. I imagine it's simply because he unfortunately met an untimely demise for some reason (although as you allude to it doesn't explain why his spirit waited 100 years to appear before a protégé/progeny - again why I prefer my interpretation that the Hero's Shade should be TP Link's directly deceased father).

On that note, I'd very much like to see a female Link at some point - not as a novelty ŕ la Hyrule Warriors, but featured as a main protagonist (option if necessary). Who's to say the Hero of Legend can't be female? Link's bloodline must have surely fathered some girls, and I don't see why they should be exempt from inheriting the Triforce of Courage.

Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
I blame the Wind Fish more.

White whales, as I previously pointed out, are highly magical and also very evil in Japanese fiction. The Wind Fish is a deity, so it's fair to say that the island is not merely just a "dream" of his that Link was caught in, but a world created by the Wind Fish. Dream people do not have souls in the same way that Koholint Island's residents did.

I like to think that the Wind Fish wanted to kill off the island's residents, and merely absolved Link of blame for the role he played in leading the Wind Fish to that action. It is still very sinister.
Funny story: I only played LA on an emulator, and my ROM was borked so I could never achieve the ending, as the game would freeze the moment Link approached the Wind Fish after defeating the final boss. So he'd just stand there at the top of the stairs, watching this giant fish just hover there in space lol. Truly the most sinister plot, to entrap Link and the island's populace in limbo for eternity. *shot*

I did end up watching the credits on YT years later, including both versions wherein the secret DX ending Marin appears to turn into a seagull, as she had told Link she dreamed of becoming. Connection to Aryll perhaps?
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