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One of the core mechanics of Wild Future is the ability to befriend and bond with wild Pokémon in order to recruit them to be a part of your team. Once they join up, however, shouldn't you also get a little extra out of bonding with your newfound partners?

In the spirit of promoting trainer-Pokémon bonding, we're introducing the Mood System! This mechanic is entirely optional, as it definitely requires a lot more effort on the part of the trainer to keep up with it, but I think it will be quite worth it.

Mood is a measure of how contented Pokémon are in your care. Mood is measured in a number between 0 and 200. There are a number of ways to increase a Pokémon's mood (as well as a few ways to lower it). When you hit certain thresholds, your Pokémon will gain a few benefits - anything from free egg moves, to faster leveling, to earlier evolution!

All Pokémon start with a little bit of mood - wild Pokémon will start with 20 mood, while starter Pokémon start at 50 mood. If you hatch your Pokémon from an Egg, they'll start automatically with 100 mood. Pokémon who are kept in certain PokéBalls will also have an increased base Mood, and will be unable to fall below that level. It's also worth noting that any mood-increasing events that happen pre-capture (with the exception of fainting) will also improve their mood, even before capture!

  • Poké Balls - modify the base mood, depending on the ball and the Pokémon's compatibility
  • Level up - +2
  • Evolution - +5
  • Completing a quest: +10 if in the active party
  • Winning a battle: +1
  • Participating in a Gym Battle: +20
  • Completing a Trial: +10
  • Healing item - +1 to +5 (+1: Potion, [non-berry, individual] Status Healers, Fresh Water, Soda Pop, Berry Juice +2: Lemonade, Super Potion, Full Heal +3: Hyper Potion, Revive +4: Max Revive, Max Potion +5: Full Restore)
  • Berries - +1 per each 10 flavor (x2 for favored taste, minus for disliked taste)
  • PokéBlock - +2 per each 10 flavor (x2 for favored taste, minus for disliked taste)
  • Using a vitamin (not a Rare Candy) or Ether - +3
  • Fainting - -10
  • Using Herbal Items - -2 to -5 (-2: Energy Powder -3: Energy Root, -5: Revival Herb)

At the following milestones, your Pokémon will gain the following benefits:
  • 100 - free egg move
  • 120 - learns the move Return
  • 130 - free egg move
  • 150 - Pokéblock Effects Double
  • 160 - Pokémon who evolve via Happiness may evolve next time they level up
  • 180 - free egg move
  • 200 - gain levels more quickly (reverts back to pre-20 level growth)

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