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I got one, feeling pretty pleased with it- though picking it up was a bit of an adventure. In line right in front of me was a fellow who didn't have a preorder who was quite desperately trying to convince staff to let him have one. After he was rebuffed and I picked mine up he immediately tried to buy it off of me for about a hundred bucks more than what I paid for it. I informed him that I intended to keep it, as I'd woken up at Balls-o-clock the day that the local shop announced that they were going to take preorders in store for ten of them and waited out front for an hour or so to get it, which seemed to settle him. He went back to bother the clerk some more but, as the lady had told me I was the last to pick mine up, I don't imagine it worked out very well for him. Ah well, if he wants to pay well over MSRP, there's always ebay.
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