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Looks good to me. I do agree with Deebs' advice about fleshing out the Poochyena's motivation, so that motivation aspect may be something to keep in mind when you begin updating for real.

2/3 approved.


I'm sorry, but you say that the quest would be arduous enough to merit the rewards that you have provided, but I would like to see you write an application that actually captures that arduousness so that we don't just have to take your word for it. This was the bigger reason you were rejected, so it still stands. Based on what Jeri says, a Pokemon with special moves needs to be earned, both due to the nature of the quest itself AND the adventurer's dedication and talent in RP. I don't see proof of that here, so my judgment remains. You're better off either writing an application that doesn't involve an egg move (as I said before), or really, REALLY justifying why you're doing it, not just because it fits the storyline, but because it fits a complex, involved storyline that you have crafted for an updatee that you think is up to the challenge.

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