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Don't know just how active I'll be but I love the idea of the updators swapping. Using Benjasuper's thread

With a Totodile intent on sleeping the day away and a mind intent on looking back into the past, you find yourself staring down the face of the ol' route 1. Recognising the torrid state it's become since the disasters struck, your mind once again turns to remembering the lush meadows once inhabited by friendly Pokémon living under the banner of “pure white beginnings”. Such past had long gone and the scenery now found itself replaced with a desolate swampland in which few greeneries can survive, and those that do look increasing dangerous. Hidden vines, unknown plants and hostile Pokémon are forces expected to face in these new times, but a bed at the nearest village seems a growing necessity for you and your croc.

Attempting to manuever your way through drier patches of Route 1's now considerably wetter backdrop you look over at Rapter, your water-type Totodile also struggling with the consistency of the mud; no man or Pokémon seems to have safe travel through these parts anymore. A few minutes of travelling nets you some success; a long path of dried mud greets your aching muscles and you begin to follow the road, forever hoping it would lead you straight to Viridian. Though no houses appear on the horizon, a small metal object catches your eye.

A prospect of nabbing a rare item, a wondrous occasion in times of slowed manufacture, you bend down to pick it up but find it stuck fast. Pulling even harder but to no avail, you're suddenly surprised to stand back up to a much more muddier landscape than you previously remember. You had been travelling on a dirt road as far as they eye could see but now you find yourself on a little island, the surroundings a strange consistency. Purple too. And smelly.

The land begins to shift underneath your feet as you figure out the source, but your movements in prevention are too late. A Grimer grabs at your and Totdile's ankles and holds you both down with incredible force. Two figures appear from the bushes either side, laden with gear adept at surviving in such a place and begin to laugh at your misfortune,

“We caught another one didn't we Tony?”

“Yes we did Steve. Another fly trapped by our little Venus.”

“We could melt off his legs or suffocate him in slime. But we won't”, they say, conversing with each other.

“Give us your Totodile's Pokéball and we'll let you go. We could take it from you by force, but Totodile won't respect that”

They look at you expectantly with hands outstretched, it would seem you're not the first to fall victim to these bandits. Grimer gurgles beneath your feet, but its ability to hold a person and a Pokémon must surely cut its effectiveness, not that you aren't in serious danger. Seems your options are to hand over Rapter's Pokéball or fight.

What will you do?

Spoiler: show
Quest Options & Reward:

Should Sayer fight, he will find himself in a 1v1 battle against the Grimer, getting a slight advantage for the first move as the Grimer is pre-occupied (it will also let Sayer go) to return to Tony and Steve. Win or lose the police arrive. Should he give up his Pokémon the police will arrive sooner, but in both instances the criminals will have ran off into marshland.

The police question Sayer about the two men and “offer” (one he may not be able to refuse /godfatherimpression) for him to accompany them, using a host of Ground-types to traverse the conditions. After some time Sayer arrives at a makeshift camp for 2 and the police tell him to wait where he is while they clear the rooms.

A small twinkling catches his eye and he is forced to investigate, where he will come across a mound of Pokéballs. If Totodile was given up his Pokéball will be at the top. Upon grabbing it if taken or as soon as he investigates it if Totodile never left his possession, the trainer he didn't battle comes barrelling round the corner, presumably on the run from the police.

The bandit grabs a random Pokéball from the stack and they battle. Win or lose the police will come from the same direction he was running and arrest him before he can escape. The police will thank him and give him 1 star shard just for completing the task, another star shard if he manages to beat Grimer (meant his only Pokémon was KO'd and they arrested him sooner) and 1 more star shard if he managed to beat the last trainer.

After the Pokémon are handed back there's 1 Pokémon that's owner doesn't claim it and the police say it's becoming more and more agitated. Turns out it saw Sayer battle and wants to join him if he can prove his worth. Battle happens and if he wins Sayer can capture the Pokémon.
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